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If you start with a box and add drawers, legs or doors, what can you dream up?
Leo Sharkey's jewelry cabinet

These chests are built with 14 drawers that are lined with a very rich upholstery grade velvet on a foam covered board. The chest has a frame and panel back and the drawer fronts are cut sequentially from a bookmatched, quilted maple panel. The drawer fronts are finished with super blonde shellac and wax and the case is finished with boiled linseed oil and wax.

Leo Sharkey's chimney cupboard

This tall cabinet is based on a Shaker style cupboard, often called a Chimney Cupboard because of it's height and narrow footprint - much like a chimney. As you can see from the photos, this cupboard is solid cherry hardwood with a frame and panel back.  The lower door is also a frame and panel design.

Leo Sharkey's Veronica Desk

These desks are extremely sturdy, strong and functional. The beauty of the frame and panel also allows the piece to be placed in the middle of a room and not be relegated to a wall space.

Leo Sharkey's Leslie's wine rack

This wine table is made of Leopardwood and maple.  The base is finished with hand-rubbed linseed oil and the top and drawer are finished with a water based polyurethane. It will hold 20 bottles of wine and the drawer is big enough to hold openers, towels, etc.  The top for these pieces is always finished with a polyurethane topcoat to protect against the inevitable spills that will occur.