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My signature small gift pieces include custom carved lid boxes for holding small items, such as jewelry, and intricate French rolling pins for your cooking and baking needs.
Leo Sharkey's cherry carved lid and pull box

These carved pull boxes are ideal for storing everyday items or keepsakes, such as jewelry, pocket knives, keys, etc. These boxes come in all shapes and sizes made in hard and dense wood. All boxes have doweled joints, usually using a walnut dowel.

Leo Sharkey's French rolling pins

Often called French rolling pins, these tapered rolling pins are a joy to use. The long length and taper allows you to roll out a wide batch of dough very simply and easily. These pins are always hand-turned on a lathe, so the lengths and diameters vary slightly. Approximate dimensions 23" long x 1.75" diameter with 14" to 15" between the tapered handles.