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These signature pieces include custom tables for every room in the house!
Leo Sharkey's end tables

My side tables are made  to your specifications, often with an exotic wood  top with maple legs and aprons. The base is finished with shellac and wax, while the top is finished with an oil / polyurethane mixture.

Leo Sharkey's hall tables

These hall tables can be used as a combination of a hall table and dining room sideboard.  I've built many hall tables from 36 to 52 inches in length and heights of 26 to 32 inches.  What would fit in your space?

Leo Sharkey's walnut coffee tables

The coffee tables are slice directly through a walnut log. I clean up the edges and maintain the natural shape of the piece to retain its organic feel. To accentuate the color and textures, the slab was first sanded smooth and then scraped to bring out the luster that can only be obtained by scraping.  The entire piece was hand-rubbed with Danish oil to accentuate the fire in the grain and finished with 5 coats of an oil / polyurethane mixture.

Leo Sharkey's office tables

These office tables are perfect for those who want a clean and simple desk to work on. This simple, but elegant design has a support in the middle of the legs to act as a footrest at the request of a client.  What does your design look like?

Leo Sharkey's custom marble tables

This custom made table base was made to specifically complement the beautiful marble top shown. These gorgeous marble table make for a very thick and sturdy table.

Leo Sharkey's bar tables

These bar tables are perfect for any wine party.  Crafted with cherry hardwood and designed with height in mind. The top of this table is detachable, so the piece will fit through a standard door.

Leo Sharkey's studio furniture

These unique pieces add flare into any room. Mixed media furniture has become a popular trend lately. In this piece above,the copper was flamed with a torch to add color while the walnut was from a live edge slab to provide an organic shape. By having the two live edges meet in the middle, the copper was able to fill a very organically shaped void and just seems to flow throughout the top.